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Jewelry Care

All our jewelry is tarnish resistant, fade resistant and water resistant if cared for properly.


1. How To Store Your Jewelry

To ensure your jewelry remains in excellent condition and to prevent any gradual wear or scratches, we suggest using the provided Musero box or soft cotton bag for storage. Our packaging is specially designed to maintain your jewelry's pristine state. Additionally, it's a good idea to remove your jewelry before participating in activities or going to sleep to minimize the risk of potential damage.


2. Reduce Exposure To Chemicals

Frequent exposure to soaps, sweat, perfumes, lotions, chlorine and salt, including hand sanitizer, deodorant and body sprays, can result in the tarnishing of your jewelry over time.

To prevent this we suggest waiting a few minutes for any of the above to settle after applying, before putting on your jewelry. Remove jewelry if reapplying though-out the day.


2. Reduce Water Submersion

Repeated submersion of jewelry can result in tarnishing over time. We recommend removing jewelry before showering, swimming or washing hands. If jewelry becomes wet, lightly dry with clean towel until fully dry.